Safety & Quality Policy

Marinpet is committed to providing a safe, secure and healthy working environment both afloat and ashore for all of its employees and for all who have reason to be on or about the vessels under their management. Marinpet's goal is that its vessels be operated with zero injuries.
Marinpet attaches the utmost importance to the preservation of the environment and is determined to ensure that every person working for or on its behalf is made aware of its concern and does his or her utmost to achieve its goal; zero pollution.

Marinpet is committed to maintaining the vessels under its management in line with the highest industry standards, thereby safeguarding their value, the Company's reputation, the welfare of those who work on or about them, and minimising the risk of environmental pollution.

Marinpet aims to provide its customers with a first-class marine transportation service tailored to their particular requirements, and to thereby foster long-term, mutually beneficial commercial relationships.
Marinpet is determined to pursue excellence in terms of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, through the provision of appropriate training and the active encouragement of all employees to participate in the implementation and improvement of its Management System.

Marinpet is committed to pursuing its goals of zero pollution/zero injuries through a process of continual operational improvement, by regularly setting targets, monitoring performance, analysing incidents that occur, identifying root causes and refining procedures accordingly.